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When we connect the dots, the big picture comes into focus. When we connect with one another, we gain new perspectives. And with connections, we can turn possibilities into realities.
2024 is a year to come together. To move beyond yesterday’s obstacles, overcome today’s uncertainties, and realize tomorrow’s opportunities. To connect for inspiration. To connect for growth. To connect for each other. To connect forward.
As we face ever-present, shifting challenges, connection counts. Connection — to a powerful network of partners and peers, to our purpose, to our potential — helps us translate knowledge into experience and turn ideas into action. Follow Sedgwick’s Connect 2024 coverage as we discuss what’s critical for reaching next-level growth for your PEOPLE, PROPERTY, BRANDS and PERFORMANCE.

Helping people

Connected conversations

The workforce is not just changing; it has been transformed. The dynamic work environment is being shaped by labor and economic challenges, along with shifting workplace priorities as people expect elevated experiences in the office and in everyday interactions. Key conversations will revolve around the workforce, consumer experience and health and well-being.

Restoring property

Connected conversations

Insurers and policyholders have been faced with increasing claims volumes stemming from natural disasters, civil unrest and geopolitical developments. The insurance industry will focus on environmental impacts, coverage shifts and evolving risks.

Preserving brands

Connected conversations

Organizations across all industries continue to face shifts in the global economy, market conditions and regulatory requirements. In the current market, organizations are considering not just compliance factors, but also brand and reputational challenges. Brands will focus on strategies related to regulation, readiness and reputation.

Empowering performance

Connected conversations

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and integrated data has had a profound influence across industries and will continue to make waves as it reshapes work dynamics, interpersonal interactions and cognitive processes. Organizations will adapt as economic and geopolitical developments affect global risks, alliances and trade. Conversations will surround topics related to technology, productivity and partnership.


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